Paintball for adults


Paintball for adults has always been one of the most popular Buck’€™s Party activity around as there is nothing quite like the high-adrenaline experience charging round a woodland while getting shot at with paintballs to celebrate your last few days of freedom with your mates! There is no better way to renew and strengthen the bonds of friendship than with a day of paintball and the memories you make at a Countrywide Paintball centre will have you crying with laughter for years to come!

Special games can be arranged for Buck’€™s & Hen’€™s parties a games that make the key people in your group the focus of the games! Costumes such as ballerina tutus and target vests can also be implemented to add some extra comedy value to the proceedings.

Our staff have organised thousands of Buck’s & Hen’€™s parties in its twenty years of operation. Our marshals are of the highest quality and are especially good at tailoring a day of paintball to suit your groups needs.


Corporate Events

What better way is there to resolve tension in the work place than by firing paintball guns at each other? It’s also a great way to improve company morale and increase staff productivity!

It can be very difficult for someone in charge of finding an activity that all members of the work force can enjoy. That’s why so many companies choose paintball as it requires no previous experience, sporting ability and people of all ages and levels of fitness can participate on equal footing.

Whether its team building days, motivational days, hospitality days or just plain old fun days, our professional event co-ordinators are available on 1300 757 144 to take your call and organise your perfect paintball event.